Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Housewife Note Keeper

Hiya, Folks!!
I have a fun and functional Home Décor project for you today!!
Recently, I was given the opportunity to play with Gauche Alchemy's Happy Housewife kit :-)  MAN, is this kit jam-packed with crazy cool ephemera and kitchy items!
If you wanna se what exactly was in my kit, you can check out my kit share video HERE.
Anywho, here's one of the projects I've created...
Being the momma of a very busy household, I find myself with an abundance of things to remember.  I don't always have the time to add these little tidbits to my calendar right now, so I needed a way to hang onto those 'oh-so-important' reminders until I have a moment to get them on the books...
Enter the Note Keeper.
This wall hanging features several sections and dangles sweetly on my wall, ready to keep those little notes in check.
And it's WAY cute!!
I think my favorite section might be the chalkboard.
This Doodle FAB chalkboard started it's life as a silver-toned tray.  A bit of chalkboard paint and some white gel pen later, and it's one fully functional chalkboard---ready for action!
You can find my tutorial for DIY Chalkboard Paint HERE.

Another section features crisscrossing sections of jute.  Just slip those notes in and they'll stay put until you come-a-'callin!
Do  you see the green stamps??  Yeah!

And finally, the top and bottom sections are covered in this red and white polka dot DREAM fabric.  Just a bit more room to clip bits on to for safekeeping.
Alright Guys, I'm OUT!!
Until next time...

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