Monday, November 22, 2010

My Time With Tim (aka Mr. Holtz!!!)

Hi, Everyone!!!

I've just returned from a most excellent adventure (San Dimas Shout Out!)! I feel relaxed, and more importantly, creatively rejuvinated. Inspired.

This weekend I was able to take a class taught by Tim Holtz in BEAUTIFUL Payson, Arizona! It was the last chance to take his Artful Curio class and his last teaching engagement for the year.

I went in with NO expectations-NO ideas of what I was going to come home with. I didn't even look at the picture of Tim's finished piece that graced the front of the kit!

This way, I was sure to create something that truly MEANT something to ME!!! A sort of scrapbook of found items.

It took no time at all to lose myself in all the pretty trinkets and baubles. I had the best time adding things to my curio!

So many times we find ourselves bogged down in what we SHOULD do. Gifts to create, scrapbooks to fill, deadlines to make. Sometimes it's necessary to just make something that makes us happy! Something that's created just to fill our need to create.

This one's for me...

Until next time!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween In Wonderland...

Explosion Box!!! Yep, I said it---Halloween. I DO realize Halloween is currently almost a year away...

So, I'm a little slow ;)

I've always loved Halloween projects! I'm envious of people who make AND FILL Halloween mini alubms full of pictures EVERY year!! I've only taken a choice few pictures of my little darlings on Halloween over their entire LIFETIME!

I guess I'm just a candy monster...Can't wait for the photo opp! Gotta get to the candy gettin'!

Here's a little picture of my "Batgirl" impatiently posing for Mommy's pictures. "CAN WE TRICK-OR-TREAT NOW???" I guess I know where she gets it from!!!

So this project fills my SpOoKy AlBuM void. A little display of all my favorite "little monster" pictures from over the years...

The main structure of the box was created from chipboard. I've found the average "paper" construction gets demolished after a year spent packed away (or at least the way my Hubby throws stuff around, lol!).

The top has a spooky black-on-black crackle finish. I love the texture it adds to an otherwise simple lid!

I've created a mini shadow box in the underside of the lid. I think this Alice quote is perfect for a Halloween project---when nothing is EVER as it seems...

DRUMROLL...TA, DA!!! I know...spooky, right?!?!?

The inside sports a mini scene---it's my take on "painting the roses red"! I've put some of my favorite characters in The Queen's Spooky Garden. I just love how these red and white flowers add a pop of color against the black tree.

This BLING-TASTIC spider dangles from my rosebush adding another level of EEK! to this SPOOK-TACULAR box!!!

On the sides, I've added some tags and folding elements to give plenty of opportunity for pictures and journaling. I've done some "messy" stitching to create the rustic look I was going for.

For a live "play-by-play" check out my Youtube vid HERE!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with some "Holiday Goodness" SOMETIME before Valentine's Day, LOL!!!

Until next time!!!