Monday, October 29, 2012

You Light Up My Life!

Hello, Everyone :-)

Today, I'm up over on the Saturated Canary YouTube Channel with a fun tutorial on how to create a sweet little lighted box!!

I've always been a fan of luminarias, and I'm so happy with how this one came out. 

The outside of my box is rockin' some fun pumpkins and the crazy-cool Saturated Canary image, StarlaI gotta say, she's my TOTAL fave thing in Krista's store right now :-)

Here's a close-up...
Do you see that dimension??  I've colored her up twice and popped up her braids, bangs and dress on some liquid dimensional glue. I mean c'mon, she's a Jersey Girl.  She's gotta be rockin' some big 'ol hair!! 
The inside of the box is sportin' a secret compartment to hide some sweets-for-givin' or some photos-for-stowin'.  

I created a few file tab dividers to put in mine to help me organize some of my favorite Halloween photos through the years.  That way, I have a snazzy home decor piece, and a memory keeping system all in one! 

And here she is all lit up!  Pretty cool, right??
If you want the how's and the to's of putting one of these boxes together for yourself, hop on over and check it out
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bubble, Bubble, Toil And Trouble.

Hi, Everyone!! 

Today, I'm back with another fun, Halloween project!

The inspiration for this project was found at my local thrift store.  As I was walking the aisles in search of treasure, I happened upon a crazy stash of old Ball canning jars.  I almost fell over---right there in the store!!!  I'm sooooo in love with old canning jars!  Of course, I immediately grabbed as many as my poor arms would carry, and headed home to play.

As I mentioned, I have a serious love of vintage glassware---canning jars, especially.  In my opinion, the only things better than old canning jars, are old canning jars from tinted glass!  So, I set out to tint my own.

Yep!  This jar was once a crystal clear and colorless.  A little Decoart glass stain, and we have a drippy, tinted container perfect to house candy eyeballs :-)

After tinting my jar the perfect shade of blue, I had to whip up a tag *SpOOkY* enough to adorn it!


I think Hocus Pocus Sophie adds the perfect amount of 'toil-and-trouble' to my tag :-)


Here's a close-up of Sophie in all her *SparKly n' SpOOky* goodness! You can find her in the Sweet Nothings Stamp Co. shop.

And here's a close-up of the eyeballs...Do you get the feeling we're being watched??  Bwahahahahaaa!!

And when all the sweet treats are gone, this jar makes the perfect candle holder.  SCORE!!

Well, that's it for me today.  If you want to see this tag come together, hop on over and check out my video.  See ya next time!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Batty For You!

Hello, fellow Bloglandians!!

Are you feelin' The SpOOk, yet? Got a serious case of Candy-itis?!? Have you covered every square inch of your yard with Ghoul-ish Delights??!!!?

No? Me, either :-)  Buuut, I have glittered the HECK outta every project that's passed my desk the last few weeks. Seriously.

That being said, feast your eyes on one such project below...

This WAY cute card and treat box combo is so spooktastically sparkly, that I just had to share!

I mean, who doesn't like glitter??!! Except, maybe, the men in our lives that have to go to work and endure names like Mr. Sparkles for the last few months of each year. Ahhh, well. Them's the breaks, when your significant other is a crafty-lover-of-all things-shiny :-)

This cute little bat digi is can be found at The Alley Way Stamps. It's a stone cold FREEBIE, and I'm totally lovin' it!  And, they're also running a fun photo-inspiration challenge over on their blog.  Cha-cha-check it out!!  I'm sooooo gonna link up :-)

Yep.  Momma bat is totally rockin' the Action Wobble :-)  I'm a bit addicted lately, I think.  Is there an  Action Wobbles Anonymous group I can join?  Bueller?  Beuller? No??  ***sigh***

If I've inspired you to whip up some fun-sized SpOOkY TrEAtS for your loved ones, hop on over and check out my mini treat box tut.  You know what's better than a teeny-tiny-one-bite-chocolate bar???  One wrapped in a glitter-tastic treat box!!

OH! And finally, congrats to Diana for winning my $8 voucher to the Saturated Canary shop from the Action Wobbles hop :-) Also, if you're SusieScrapper, you've just won my SECRET giveaway! Thanks so much for your comment :-) Shoot me an email at to claim your prize!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturated Canary Get's Their WOBBLE ON!!

Hello, Everyone!!  Welcome to the Action Wobble-Saturated Canary Blog Hop!!  Are y'all ready to get your wobble on?? Well, I am!!

If you're in the right place, you should have just hopped on over from Jenny's blog.   If not, hop on back to the start, and get goin'.  You don't wanna miss a thing on this action-packed hop!!

I'm so in love with Action Wobbles!! They add such a fun, interactive and super wobbley element to any project. I mean, let's be honest, who here hasn't immediately wiggled or jiggled anything that had wobble-ability?? Just sayin'.

Okee, dokee, let's get on with the show!  Here's a fun little bobble wobble-head card I've created...

I've used Saturated Canary's Washi Tape Kinda Girl and popped her head up on an Action Wobble.  Yep.  Her head is totally jiggly :-)

Fun,right?? Now, that's how you say Happy Birthday!!   

Well, that's it for me friends. If you want to be entered to win an $8 voucher for the Saturated Canary digi shop, leave me a comment below telling me your fave jiggley thing! 

And I have a little secret something to give away, as well, so if you wanna be put in for that, follow me and then leave me a comment letting me know :-)  Nope!  Not telling you what it is, but trust, it'll be good!!
Now, hop on over to Lou's blog for more of the wobble-iest hop EVAH!! xx,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Story.

Good Morning!! Today, I bring you photos. LOTS of photos. Photos of a mooooshy, sentimental project :-)

This little mini book was created to chronicle T and me---from dating all the way through our current sixteen year wedding anniversary. YEP! Sixteen years. The BIG one-six. Sixteen looooong years. Sixteen wonderful years. Here's to sixteen more, BABY!!

My book is seriously stitched, totally canvas filled, inked to high-heaven, splattered, glittered, ripped and washi-fied and I LOVE IT!!

Here's a photo rundown...

Did you notice the fun "He Said/She Said" journaling? How fun is that?? I can't wait to recreate this album in years to come. How neat it'll be to see how our answers to the journaling prompt questions will change in the future :-)

OH! If you wanna see me run through the album in real time, with my 'Oh-so-fab' commentary, you can check it out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paris Is Always A Good Idea. True Story.

Hello, Everyone!!   Today, I have a fun, Paris-inspired project to share with you!

I got a bit grungy, and created this fun, altered frame I found at my local thrift store.

When I found this treasure, it was a lovely shade of navy, but a bit of crackle, a bunch of paint and some Rub 'n Buff later, and I had achieved some seriously shabby shine!
Then, I piled on the embellishments.  Well, this is piled!  For me.

I've even tucked my own 'sweet nothing' in the mini envelope...
All of this Parisian shabby-ocity serves as the perfect palette for, Sophie.  Dress Me Up Sophie, to be specific.   You can find her HERE in the Sweet Nothings Stamp Co. shop!

I've printed and colored her up on a lovely, French book page.  It kinda gives her this soft, muted look.  LOVE!!  If you wanna see how I got the look, hop on over and check out my video HERE

Thanks for joining me today!! And remember, Paris is always a good idea ;-)