Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love Never Fails...

Hello!  Today, I have a fun piece of home d├ęcor to share with you.
First of all, let me confess my love of banners.  LOVE.  True and real.  I must have one for all occasions and seasons hanging in my home. 
I'm just cool like that.
And since I've yet to fill my year with banner-y goodness, I whipped up this polaroid banner full of sweetness for my V-Day wall candy :-)
I decided to add a few of my favorite photos in just for good measure.  And yes, I know that adding photos into the mix is a bit unconventional, but who needs convention
 I just wanna be surrounded by my favorite things and my sweetie is definitely a fave ;-)
Another fave is owls.  NOT birds, mind you---but owls.  How sweet are these cuties surrounded by a splash of hearts in full-on ombre??

Now, just a few more photos...

...and a bit of wisdom in the form of a Bible verse and I'm set!! 

The best thing??  I can totally add more if the mood strikes!  Just whip out my mini clothespins and DO IT.  How fun are those tiny pins, anyhow??  ***le sigh***
Alrighty folks, that's all for this one.  Remember, one can never have too much wall candy!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

I DO Believe In Fairies!

Hiya, Peeps!! 

There's FAIRIES afoot! 


Do you believe?? 

I do, I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!!  (Total 'Peter Pan' movie reference, circa 2003.  Google it.  It was awesome.) 

Let me explain why. 

Recently, my daughter lost another tooth.  She was ecstatic!!  As we all know, losing a tooth is preemptive of a payday. 


On this particular occasion, Daddy forgot to play Tooth Fairy and leave the loot, so the next morning, Momma had to do some serious soul searching and decide whether to fess up to the real cause of the missing money, or weave a magical tale explaining the reason for said fairies' tardiness.

After much internal debate, I decided my Second Grader was probably ready to be let in on the secret. 

So, I sat her down and said, "Paige, Momma has something to tell you about the Tooth Fairy...".

"DON'T SAY IT!!!", she screamed!  "If you say it, she'll DIE!!!".

So, I didn't say it.  

I went and made a card instead :-)  And laughed until my stomach hurt!  My girl is the funniest, sweetest heart in the whole world!  

Lucky Momma.

Here's the card...   

I've colored up The Octopode Factory's Whimsical Going Somewhere Girl AlishBA digital stamp.  She's the cutest!!  And that hair??  Lovin' the do! 

A teeny crown and a set of rockin' wings later and we have ourselves a real live fairy :-)

Ok, folks, I'm off to spend some time with my fairy-lovin'-girl.  I'll catch you on the flip-side!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Talk Nerdy To Me...

Hello, my fellow Bloglandians!! 
Did you know that a brand new challenge over on the Oozak Challenge Blog is in full swing?  Yep!  True story.  It's full steam ahead this month with a theme of Anything Goes with Your Favorite Colours :-)
Since I'm an equal opportunity color lover, I had to go with a smattering of my favorite brights!
For my card, I colored up Saturated Canary's 'Geekin' It'.  She's packin' a stack of books and is ready for some seriously studious activity :-)  Ya gotta love a girl with brains!
And I finally got the chance to play around with the crazy-fun chalkboard trend.  I gotta say I'm a fan for life!!  It was everything
It's messy, easy, and packs some serious punch.  If you wanna see it in action, check out my video HERE.

Finally, here's a close-up of this pretty girl all colored up with my Copics.

Ok, guys!  That is that :-)  Now, get to your craft desk, beat back the avalanche of crafty supplies, and whip up a little something in your favorite colors! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hiya!!  Today, I've been bitten by the love bug ;-)  Yep!  I'm totally smitten...
I LOVE this cute little project I've whipped up for my Hubby! 
The inside of this card is filled with coupons.  Yes, coupons!  All you coupon-totin' peeps out there know the value of a good coupon.  Well, these coupons are sweets for my sweet.  The best kind of sweets---gifts of action, not just cash ;-)
Not that there's anything wrong with the cash-powered gifts!!  I'm a fan. And Hubby, if you're reading this, all that glitters is gold, in my book.  Just sayin'.
You can find the tickets I've used HERE as a free printable download.  Yep, totally free!  She just asks that you follow her blog before downloading.

But in all honesty, my stash of Valentine-themed scrappy stuff was just sitting there, in all it's pink-and-red-heart-patterned glory, calling me to create. 
You see, every year I have grand plans to create Hubby something handmade for Valentine's Day.  Most years, I end up dashing to the store for a last minute card purchase. 
Not this year!!
For the front of my project, I've colored up the Saturated Canary image, Princess PeanelopeHow sweet is she??
And as an added bonus, I've included a tiny layout and journaling spot inside.  That way, when the coupons have all been used, he'll still have a sweet little card to keep on his desk at work!  Now, that's the real gift
(Layout on the left.)
(Journaling tag with pocket on the right.)

Ok, guys, that's the project!  If you wanna whip up one of these bad boys for yourself, check out the tutorial on the Saturated Canary YouTube channel HERE.
Now, go getcha coupon ON!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Thinking Of You...

Are you ready for a little *sparkle*??  Do you need a little glitter in your life??  Well, my friend, you are in  luck!!
Today, over on The Octopode Factory's challenge blog, a brand new challenge has begun.  GLITTER!!! 
Now, if you've seen any of my posts, you know that this challenge was made for me :-)  In fact, I don't think I've created anything in my whole life without adding a dash of sparkle!  Ever.
Yep!!  I'm a superfan of glitter. 
If glitter had a blog, I'd Follow it.  If glitter wrote a song, it'd be my fave.  If glitter made a movie, I'd probably camp out just to get my tickets while wearing glitterfied costume. 
True story.
Here's what I came up with... 
I've wanted to color up Lily's Sad Pierrot for ages.  I love him!  Hard.  And since this is the month of loooove, I just kinda assumed he was so sad cuz he's missing his sweetie :-) 
Thinking of you...  **le sigh**

Here's a little close-up.

Ok, my dearies, it's your turn---go getcha GLITTER-ON!!  Just remember to shower properly after any glitter play lest your hubby go to work and be dubbed 'Mr. Sparkles'
'Nuff said.