Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marie's Tissu Che'rit Le Journal

Lately, I find myself drawn to fabric :) It's soft and forgiving and I just cannot get enough! That's why I just couldn't resist a swap of items to make a beautiful fabric journal with my Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group...

My partner, Lisa, sent me this lovely kit to work with. I absolutely LOVE the aqua tone of the kit! When I see this color I dream of the ocean and shells and all things "Florida" and growing up there. Of moss hanging from trees. Of grass and blue skies.

Here's my finished journal...

I decided to use the same image of Marie throughout the journal, just cropped in various ways. I believe the same photo can mean so many different things. A close crop gives focus to the face and a small peak into a person's thoughts. A wide crop gives detail of surroundings and a completely different view of a person's life in that moment. I thought it would be fun to play and see if I could evoke a differnt side of Marie using just one photo.

Marie will forever be associated with France. I knew I wanted to include a page that would showcase this.

I think this is my favorite page :) I got an AMAZING tip from my friend, Holly. If you turn a fabric with a strong pattern over, you get a soft one instead. You can see the faint, fleur de lis pattern on the fabric just peeking through. And this vintage hankie! So pretty :)

Marie was a girl in a gilded cage. Lots of pretty things to play with but still a slave to her station in life. How does one keep from being bored while living in a gilded cage???

For my final page, I've created a small stuffed pillow. I needed a place to showcase this lovely vintage glove :) It calls to my mind images of carriages and crowns and all things Queen Marie.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you've enjoyed seeing my journal---I have enjoyed every minute of creating it!