Sunday, December 30, 2012

O' Christmas Tree!

 Hi, Everyone!! 

I hope your Holiday's have gone swimmingly, thus far!!  Other than a few buggies caught by myself, my Hubby and my internetz, all has been peachy 'round here.

I'm still diligently working away on my December Daily and choosing to turn a blind eye to all the 'toy shrapnel' lingering around my house.  I mean, really---how often do you get to see your Hubby hopscotch through the living room, trying to avoid Monster High doll accessories??  It's entertaining, to say the least!!  I suggested we install a few ropes to the ceiling and Tarzan swing our way across...

Aaahhh, well!  It coulda been EPIC!!!

Anywhoooo, here's a quick look at one of my December Daily pages :-)  I'm so in love with The Octopode Factory's Alice in Wonderland Dormouse on this page!!  It totally adds that 'not a creature was stirring' vibe.

If you enjoy a good challenge, The Octopode Factory's challenge blog is right in the middle of their Anything Goes challenge!!  Now, I'm off to link up!!

Catch ya on the flip side!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's A Wrap!

Good Morning!!  I have a little gifty...
But, this is no ordinary present.
This one packs some serious POW!!
Are you familiar with the explosion box??  I LOVE the concept!  A box that isn't a box.  The possibilities are endless!! 
Imagine the multitude of goodies that could be included :-)  Candles, candies, gifts, scenes.  You could even make it move!!!
The pretty girl in my little scene is Cocoa, one of the soon to be released Saturated Canary rubber stamps.  You can pre-order this cutie HERE

Now remember, I'm a scrapbooker.  Not a dedicated one, but a scrapbooker, nonetheless.  Even so, there are times I just wanna print my photos and display them in a fun, 3D way!  Like a mini album with a twist :-)
So here's my solution.  A compromise of sorts.  POCKETS.
Each of the sides feature a pocket for holding tons of 4 by 6 photos.  SCORE!! 

And finally, here's Cocoa's money shot :-)

So, after completing this fun project, my girl was full of oooooh's and ahhhhhhhh's.  I think she want's a box of her own.  She's a superfan of coloring, but still thinks I shoulda shrunk her down and stuck her in the box instead, hahahahaa!! 
Hmmmm.  Now that's an idea...
Oh!  And if you wanna see this box come together in FULL ON tutorial style, check it out HERE!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Day

Today, I wanted to quickly share a fun, snowy card I've created with the newly released, Sweet Nothings Stamp Co. image, Snowman Love Sophie

DIG her shiny boots/buttons and her fuzzy earmuffs/gloves!! 
And you know it wouldn't be a card of mine without something *stitch-tastic* on it!! I'm lovin' the sparkly silver thread on this mini scene :-)
Here's a quick close-up...

I gotta say, I'm definately feelin' the 'snowman love' after playing with sweet stamp!!  Now, who's up for some snow angels??!!
P.S.  If you wanna see me create this card in live action, check it out HERE

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ice, Ice BABY!!

***Aaaaallll I waaaaant for Christmaaaaaaas, iiiiiiiissss YOUUUUUUU!!!***

 Yep. That song has been on a constant loop in my noggin' for days. DAYS. So, I had no choice but to assume my muse was calling and 'create it' the heck outta my head :-)  And since The Octopode Factory challenge blog is getting ready to close out their 'words' challenge, I just had to sneek one in there!!

I've been wanting to color up Lily's Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey stamp for a bit now.  How chic is she?!??

So, I inked and stamped myself up a little frosty tag base, then added the fabulous Ms. Audrey...

You can see a bit of the snowflake stamping I've done and some of the glass glitter, too.  You know a lady dressed like Audrey needs some ice!!

And here's a close-up---you may not see it, but I've added a bit of sparkle to her eyes and dress, as well...

So, now for the confession.  I TOTALLY created this card with the intention of giving it away on a little gifty.  But now???  I'm thinkin' it's gonna go in the December Daily :-D 

Ahhhh, well!  Maybe the next one will make it onto an actual gift!!  Hahahaaaa!