Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Is Comin' 2 Town!

Did you know Santa makes house calls? Well, I guess that is the basis of his whole organization ;-) That being the case, I thought he might like his cookies "on-the-go". Here's a tag I've created for just that reason! (Check out my "boys" tags HERE!)

My hubby is the official "Santa" for the 2011 season. He's been super busy shopping like crazy and making sure everything is just so. Even with all his "Santa-ness", he's decided NOT to press his luck and dress up for an impromptu visit this year. The last visit almost ended his career as "Santa" altogether...

Paige (at age 3): "Santa, my daddy has glasses like that."**LOOKS AT SANTA SUSPICIOUSLY**
Santa: "Ho, ho, ho---lots of people have the same glasses!"
Paige (at age 3): "Those look like my Daddy's shoes."
Santa: "Why don't you tell me what you want for Christmas!!!"**SWEATING BULLETS**

It's a good thing Paige wasn't around for this shot, or Mommy could have been the next one on the chopping block!

Here are the cookies all wrapped up and ready for flight. (Ya gotta keep your teenage sons out of them somehow!!!)

And look at those yummy cookies! I think Paige could possibly decorate the prettiest sugar cookie anywhere!!! I'm sure "Santa" will enjoy them :-)

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For The Boys!

I have to say my boys are super competitive. And when I say competitive, I mean every little thing is an all out WAR!!!


Each year as we are just finishing decorating our Christmas tree, it starts. THE competition to see who hangs the LAST ornament! Each of them "pocket" a few and keep an eye on the other to see when brother's hands are finally empty.

Here's a shot of the action from ground zero.

So, in honor of my macho men, I thought I create a little tag to wrap up their Christmas Cookies with.

You can find this image at Saturated Canary's Digi shop!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{Warm Holiday Wishes!}

Helllllooooo! Yep. A Two-fer. That's 2 posts in one day :-)

I can't help it!!! Some Odd Girl is hosting it's 2nd Annual Customer Holiday Hop, and I just gotta play along!

Here's a "white-out" card I've made for the occasion. The cutest penguin image with a little "white snowflake die-cut on white cardstock" action.

Their "Chilly Penquin" is positively the cutest penquin I've seen all year!!! Although, I do live in the desert, so he's also the ONLY penquin I've seen all year. ANYWAY, I LOVE him! Wait---did I just say I love a bird??? LOL! (See THIS post for more on my aversion to our feathery foe!!!)

A little crazy stitching, faux snow and some Stickles later and you've got a card ready for mailing---'cuz honestly, what is Christmas without Stickles???

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A Little Gifty For Teacher :-)

I thought I'd share the little teacher's gift Paige and I whipped up!

Paige's first grade class is currently in full-on reindeer mode, so the Deer Mae with Pressies digi image was perfect for this gift (You can grab her HERE, in Some Odd Girl's shop!).

We filled the pail with some chocolate-peanut butter truffles. YUMM-O!!!

And here's a pic of Paige rockin' a pair of her very own antlers :-)

Maybe I'll make myself a pair in my size...

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Snowy Owl} --- A Primitive Ornament

Hello there!! Whooooooo wants a tutorial??? Ok, cheesy---I know. I just can't help it!

So, I have to confess...I think birds are kinda creepy. Have you SEEN one UP CLOSE??? *shivers*

In spite of my aversion to our feathery foe, I have to say I do like owls :-) It's a funny story. It all happened this last year...

"My children's school was infested by a family of Burrowing (I think!) Owls. They are super cute, fuzzy, tiny and MEAN!!! They don't care how big you are---they'll eat you. One bite at a time. This family of owls terrorized the school yard all year. They would dive-bomb the teachers, hiss at the children and generally cause mayhem all around them. The school tried to have them humanely removed, but nobody would come and get them. So the chaos continued...
Over the summer, I would catch little glimpses of these birds as I would drive by the school. On a light, on the fence, in the road... YES! In. The. Road. As I was driving by one day, I saw one on the side of the road. I slowed down and thought about stopping to help, but when it saw me, it went into full on battle mode. Wings spread, teeth bared (or maybe that part was my imagination!)---ready to eat the car!!! I sat there laughing my butt off. He wasn't scared at all! He was just out on a little walkabout.
Apparently, his family had moved into the small, grassy yard next to the Kindergarten building. This is prime real estate! Fenced in and grassy with plenty of shade trees. Every day, as I would drive by, I would see them. There were three babies and two larger owls. I even named the babies---hee-hee! Jack, Evil Eyes and Mothra. Don't ask!!!
All summer long, I would obsessively look for these owls. I loved my daily glimpses of them! Then one day, just as school was about to start, the lawn care men came and cleaned house.
The owls were gone."

Here's a picture I snapped during parent/teacher conference week. I had to hide under a tree to get that close!!! SOOOO scary! All 6-8 inches of him.

My newfound love of owls led me to buy several owl figurines...AND create this FAB primitive owl ornie tutorial! Check it out!!!

One final note, my son came home from school the other day with a report of an owl siting at his school. They're BAAAAAACCCCCK! Yay!!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Alice & Friends} --- A Ragdoll Tutorial

Hello, Everyone! Today, I have an "InSpiReD" tutorial for you!!!

The idea came to me while I was trying to figure out what to do for Saturated Canary's Challenge #5. This challenge is AnyThinG GoeS!!! Just create what inspires you. What inspires me right now??? Well, Christmas presents, of course!!! To be specific, my baby girl's Christmas presents :-)

I've always had the best time shopping for her. I have 3 children, and when she came along after 2 boys, I was SOOOOOO ready to buy girly things...and DO girly things...and HAVE girly things around...

Every year, in addition to the plethora of things I buy for my girl, I love spending some time creating a handmade gift for her. This year, when I was coloring up some of our FAVORITE images from Saturated Canary's Digi Shop, Paige practically swooned with excitement!!! She just loves Alice and her Wonderland Friends! I knew right then what I had to do :-)

I started my adventure down the rabbit hole... to make her some friends to keep with have tea parties share her own adventures with...friends that are a little more sturdy than the paper images we love to color together.


Color up some of your favorite images. I got mine from Saturated Canary's Digi Shop (link is above.)

Scan your images into your computer and print them onto some Inkjet Fabric Sheets. I usually like to adjust the hue saturation in my photo editing software, to keep the image nice and bright, as these images tend to print a bit washed out.

Trim around your image, leaving a nice big boarder. Then use your cut out image as a template to cut two more copies out of a sturdy fabric. I've used a pair of old jeans that my boys have outgrown, but are a bit too "well-loved" to donate to my local thrift store.

Stack your fabric pieces...

...and pin them together.

Sew around the edge of your dolly, leaving an inch or two open for stuffing. I've used a zigzag stitch.

I've gotten right up to the edge of my fabric!

Stuff with Poly-fil to the firmness you like.

Remember, stuff in little bits! You'll end up with a smoother look and a softer dolly :-) You can use a chopstick to reach those tight corners if your fingers won't do the trick!

Sew the opening closed. I've gone around my dolly with a total of three rounds of stitching. I like the look of a messy edge and the added strenght this provides.

Now, trim up any loose threads or excess fabric.

I've used my finger to fray my edges---again, I love the messy, well-loved look!!!

And now, you have some new friends, ready for an impromptu tea party!!! ENJOY!

These dollies make me smile, so I've decided to add to Paige's collection! Stay tuned for the Queen Of Hearts and The Mad Hattress!!!

A Little Note... say Merry Christmas!!!

Here's another of the projects using those sweet 'lil prints. These cute cards are just the perfect size to send Holiday Wishes :-)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

{Dear Santa...}

...I can explain.

Hee-hee! I just love that quote!!! TOTALLY reminds me of my kids. Soooo naughty---but never quite naughty enough to justify Santa's Naughty List!

Recently, Krista of Saturated Canary posted about using "regular" stamps and turning them into "Christmas" ones. Can I just tell you that I LOVE this idea! I'm all for getting more from my supplies.

Here's Stroppy Beth (FIND HER HERE!). I've loved this image for a bit now, but while in the middle of Christmas card making, I was pretty positive she was shelved until after the Holidays :-/

Or maybe not!!!

Best. Christmas Card. Ever. Just sayin'.

See ya next time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let It Snow!

Here's a few cute 'lil paper clay snowmen :-) LOVE!!!

And soooooo easy to make.

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