Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shimmy And Shake.

Hello, ma peeps!! 
Recently, I discovered a FAB set of neon glitters in my local Michael's.  Man, do I love neon!!  Mix that with glitter and I was completely sold.
Soooo, I whipped out my glue and glittered up myself a supah fun, splat-tastic card base for one amazingly cute Bean :-)

This is The Greeting Farm's Glisten Bean.  How cute is she??!

Aaaaaannnd, here's the best part...

Yep!  A genuine wobbly, bobble head card.  I love making these!  They're sweet, with just enough shimmy and a tad bit o' shake. 
Fun, right??


  1. I love this!! I love the splats! How did you do these please? Also love the bobble head! TGF stamps are perfect for a bobble! I need to try this lol thanks for sharing! :)

    1. The splats are fun, right?? It's just a bit of watered down glue I splattered onto my card base with a paint brush and then sprinkled with glitter. I did each color separately and let them dry in between colors :-) Have fun and thanks for stopping by!!!! xx

    2. Oh! So simple even I could do it! Thanks! Can't wait to try it :)

  2. This is adorable! Love the bobble head! What a great idea! Need to try this for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL! I love the wobble, the neon and the sewing on this card, Mary! It's so trendy and so cute. Thanks for choosing my make it move challenge to play along with at TGF.