Monday, May 20, 2013


Hellooooo :-)  It's been a bit, no?

The end of the school year tends to be super hectic.  And sort of bittersweet.  So many lovely things have happened this year!  So many new things seen and experienced.

There have been field trips, award ceremonies, birthday parties and so many weekends spent with family.

This year, we went to Oz.

Being the dutiful momma I am, I took pictures :-) 

And SMASH*ed it!!

Little Sister got her TIN on at a party and she absolutely fell in love with Glinda while in Oz.

(Saturated Canary's Bubbles can be found HERE.)

And my boys embraced their inner WICKED :-)

(Saturated Canary's Elphie can be found HERE.)

Just for the record, it's a total coincidence that my sweet girl ended up on the good side of the page while my stinky boys are on the wicked. 

Just sayin'.



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