Thursday, February 21, 2013

I DO Believe In Fairies!

Hiya, Peeps!! 

There's FAIRIES afoot! 


Do you believe?? 

I do, I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!!  (Total 'Peter Pan' movie reference, circa 2003.  Google it.  It was awesome.) 

Let me explain why. 

Recently, my daughter lost another tooth.  She was ecstatic!!  As we all know, losing a tooth is preemptive of a payday. 


On this particular occasion, Daddy forgot to play Tooth Fairy and leave the loot, so the next morning, Momma had to do some serious soul searching and decide whether to fess up to the real cause of the missing money, or weave a magical tale explaining the reason for said fairies' tardiness.

After much internal debate, I decided my Second Grader was probably ready to be let in on the secret. 

So, I sat her down and said, "Paige, Momma has something to tell you about the Tooth Fairy...".

"DON'T SAY IT!!!", she screamed!  "If you say it, she'll DIE!!!".

So, I didn't say it.  

I went and made a card instead :-)  And laughed until my stomach hurt!  My girl is the funniest, sweetest heart in the whole world!  

Lucky Momma.

Here's the card...   

I've colored up The Octopode Factory's Whimsical Going Somewhere Girl AlishBA digital stamp.  She's the cutest!!  And that hair??  Lovin' the do! 

A teeny crown and a set of rockin' wings later and we have ourselves a real live fairy :-)

Ok, folks, I'm off to spend some time with my fairy-lovin'-girl.  I'll catch you on the flip-side!



  1. Ohhhh I love it! Miss Paige, excellent work keeping mom young and innocent!

  2. Mary this card is so cute and your story has me chuckling my butt off! And... I was reading it in front of my family so my 27 year old daughter and hubby were laughing just as hard as I was. Your daughter and her belief in fairy tales - sounds adorable!