Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hiya!!  Today, I've been bitten by the love bug ;-)  Yep!  I'm totally smitten...
I LOVE this cute little project I've whipped up for my Hubby! 
The inside of this card is filled with coupons.  Yes, coupons!  All you coupon-totin' peeps out there know the value of a good coupon.  Well, these coupons are sweets for my sweet.  The best kind of sweets---gifts of action, not just cash ;-)
Not that there's anything wrong with the cash-powered gifts!!  I'm a fan. And Hubby, if you're reading this, all that glitters is gold, in my book.  Just sayin'.
You can find the tickets I've used HERE as a free printable download.  Yep, totally free!  She just asks that you follow her blog before downloading.

But in all honesty, my stash of Valentine-themed scrappy stuff was just sitting there, in all it's pink-and-red-heart-patterned glory, calling me to create. 
You see, every year I have grand plans to create Hubby something handmade for Valentine's Day.  Most years, I end up dashing to the store for a last minute card purchase. 
Not this year!!
For the front of my project, I've colored up the Saturated Canary image, Princess PeanelopeHow sweet is she??
And as an added bonus, I've included a tiny layout and journaling spot inside.  That way, when the coupons have all been used, he'll still have a sweet little card to keep on his desk at work!  Now, that's the real gift
(Layout on the left.)
(Journaling tag with pocket on the right.)

Ok, guys, that's the project!  If you wanna whip up one of these bad boys for yourself, check out the tutorial on the Saturated Canary YouTube channel HERE.
Now, go getcha coupon ON!!


  1. I've just sat and watched the video it looks fab defiantly a project I want to try at some point, thanks Mary! x

  2. Where do you get all this creative energy? I need to rub up on you, haha! This project is beautiful, and I love love love the color (and the coloring) of course. You just kill it, every time dude!

  3. Mary this is so cute. Great job as usual!

  4. The colors just blow me away, love it, so vibrant!! Another home run :) TFS girly ~Barbara

  5. awww this is the cutest idea mary!! i love it :D

  6. This is a fabulous project Mary.