Sunday, December 30, 2012

O' Christmas Tree!

 Hi, Everyone!! 

I hope your Holiday's have gone swimmingly, thus far!!  Other than a few buggies caught by myself, my Hubby and my internetz, all has been peachy 'round here.

I'm still diligently working away on my December Daily and choosing to turn a blind eye to all the 'toy shrapnel' lingering around my house.  I mean, really---how often do you get to see your Hubby hopscotch through the living room, trying to avoid Monster High doll accessories??  It's entertaining, to say the least!!  I suggested we install a few ropes to the ceiling and Tarzan swing our way across...

Aaahhh, well!  It coulda been EPIC!!!

Anywhoooo, here's a quick look at one of my December Daily pages :-)  I'm so in love with The Octopode Factory's Alice in Wonderland Dormouse on this page!!  It totally adds that 'not a creature was stirring' vibe.

If you enjoy a good challenge, The Octopode Factory's challenge blog is right in the middle of their Anything Goes challenge!!  Now, I'm off to link up!!

Catch ya on the flip side!!



  1. Beautiful. I love the mouse. That's how I like to spend Xmas.

  2. I love how this turned out Mary. Heehee, I totally started out reading the "aaaah well" as a Tarzan yell... aaaaaahhaaaaaahhhahhhhhh! :) I'm a big dork, I was so right there in the swinging across the living room with ya. It took me a week to even touch the remnants of boxes and bows and tissue paper. Gotta love winter break!