Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ice, Ice BABY!!

***Aaaaallll I waaaaant for Christmaaaaaaas, iiiiiiiissss YOUUUUUUU!!!***

 Yep. That song has been on a constant loop in my noggin' for days. DAYS. So, I had no choice but to assume my muse was calling and 'create it' the heck outta my head :-)  And since The Octopode Factory challenge blog is getting ready to close out their 'words' challenge, I just had to sneek one in there!!

I've been wanting to color up Lily's Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey stamp for a bit now.  How chic is she?!??

So, I inked and stamped myself up a little frosty tag base, then added the fabulous Ms. Audrey...

You can see a bit of the snowflake stamping I've done and some of the glass glitter, too.  You know a lady dressed like Audrey needs some ice!!

And here's a close-up---you may not see it, but I've added a bit of sparkle to her eyes and dress, as well...

So, now for the confession.  I TOTALLY created this card with the intention of giving it away on a little gifty.  But now???  I'm thinkin' it's gonna go in the December Daily :-D 

Ahhhh, well!  Maybe the next one will make it onto an actual gift!!  Hahahaaaa!



  1. Aaaahhhh I love this! Don't be a scrooge, spread the love haha! Only kidding, keep that baby. The same thing happened to me, with my Latte. Going in the daily.

  2. Love! And love Octopoda too! Can't wait fo the new challenge tomorrow!

  3. i love that stamp :) I like how you did it in blue tones- it looks pretty

  4. wow love this entry and YOU are the winner of the 3 digi's over at the octopode factory. send me an email....