Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Vampire At CHA???

Yep. There was a vampire sighting at CHA. Right there in the Little Darlings Stamps booth 918!!

Hee-hee :-)

Hiya, Peeps!! Today, I have a little peek of one of the brand new Saturated Canary Stamps in rubb-ah! Wanna peek at the catalogue? The whole shebang??? HERE ya go! Straight from Little Darlings Rubber Stamps.

I gotta say, Vampire Rose is one of my absolute FAVE stamps from Saturated Canary! She was the very first one I colored, and I'm super happy I was able to color her up to help Little Darlings showcase Krista's first release of Saturated Canary in rubber this summer at CHA.

Dig the little blingy spider! I know. I'm easily amused ;-)

And the close-up...

YAY FOR RUBB-AH!! Oh, wow. That sounds way worse out loud than it did in my head. EEP!


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