Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our 'Micro-cation'. Just Like A 'Stay-cation', Only Not.

Hiya, Peeps!!

My Hubbs recently decided it was time for a little family getaway. The only problem was, no time. More specifically, no time to spend the night.

The solution?? 'A Micro-cation'.

What's that, you ask? Lemme explain.

A 'Micro-cation' requires all the same planning; all the same travel time. The BIG difference is, you have only one day to execute.

Living only about 4 1/2 hours from San Diego, it was the total PERFECT choice for our trip!!

Here's a few highlights...

Some may say that being crammed into a minivan with 5 other people for 9 hours sounds like a special brand of torture...

I say, my kiddos will always remember our family trip to Coronado.

Golden Beaches.

Mom's crazy ipod music mix.

Round Table Pizza.

Seven hours straight of Roadside Bingo.

Totally worth it.

***Events occured in real time.***


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