Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hiya, Peeps!

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a fab gift? A little something you weren't expecting??

Well, recently I was the recipient of one SWAG-TASTIC bag o' goodies!!

Laura, from Pink Cake Plate Diaries, and Sara, from The Clever Pink Pirate, decided to host a little get together of AZ Bloggers. ***Read the deets by clicking their bloggy links above!***

At said get together, (YES! The very same party featuring the 'mustache-ian' party favors I had such a blast with HERE.) we were presented with these...


In this trove of treasures, I found a new fave. Vintage Rose Wraps.

This cute little headband is just one of the many lovely items for sale in their shop.

And they're a local (to me!) company created by sisters, Katie and Ginny.

I get to support locals, while lookin' cute. Now that's the definition of AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Well, until Paige stole it.

AWWW, well! I guess I gotta go shopping :-D

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. That is awesome Sauce! I wish headbands would stay in my hair!

  2. The wrap looks adorable on you both!!! So good to see you again!! Love your creativity!

  3. Loving that headband and also check my blogsite! love and Skullies Ang