Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello, Dolly!!!

Hiya, Peeps!

The Challenge was issued. The Gauntlet laid down. Can you create an outfit without fabric? Hmmm...

We shall see.

Recently, Jenn "Scraps" Walker challenged the Gauche Girls to do just that! I mean, if a girl can wear a paper and duct tape to the prom...

Ya know. Just sayin'!

Here's my girlie, all decked out in Gauchey goodness :-) Her name is Flora cuz she reminds me of a pretty bellflower.

Aaaaannnd, the rear-view.

***As driver's ed has taught us, a good rear-view is SO important.***

Her fab little dress was constructed of 'petals' created from vintage music sheet and washi tape.

YEP, washi. When fabric fails you, washi never does!!

Her wings are ouchless cardboard from Gauche Alchemy's shop. That stuff is AWESOME!! I love me some cardboard and it totally saved my fingers. Not to mention some serious time!

Her pretty little head is molded paperclay over a styrophome ball. The mold is one I created myself from a FAB bisque flapper dolly I picked up. She has the Kewpie doll face!! I seriously HEART that face :-)

And I'm totally diggin' the punchinella crown. A girl's gotta have a crown.

Now, hop on over to the Gauche Alchemy blog and see what the rest of the girls have come up with!!

Later, Dollies!!!

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  1. FINALLY! I'm getting time to visit and comment on your awesome doll! I absolutely love it! I also browsed through your pics on fb of your crafts and holy cow girl! YOu are in a league all your own!