Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be Happy!

Good Morning!!

I had a bit more time to play last night, and I just had to show my Joshy a little SMASH* Page love.

My boy has always been a full-on 80's kid, born in 1999.


The Goonies. Ghostbusters. Michael Jackson. Scooby-Doo. Tom and Jerry. NEON!!! The list goes on and on and ON!

All of this seems to be no problem for Dad, except for the neon. Tony hates Josh's 'neon thing'! Apparently, wearing bright colors is reserved for girls, haha!!

But, in true Josh style, he found a loophole.

SOCKS!! Super low, neon socks. If they are in his shoe, dad can't see them. And just knowing they're there...Knowing he's skirted the law...That's the cheeze :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I hope you're able to carve out a little 'you' time today!



  1. love it. the whole funny! this is an awesome page, too!


  2. Josh is very cool, especially in neon socks :o)

    Great Smash page!

  3. OK I looooved reading this post and I love, absolutely love your SMASH* page, it's rocking in the 80's! xx