Sunday, March 25, 2012


Here's my twelve shots for March---even if the 12th IS a distant memory ;-P Done is done, baby. I win the internetz!!!

Now, on with the show...

ONE - Cutest. Picture. Ever. I had to catch her crossing her eyes to look at her nose :-)

TWO - Peanut being a naughty little Peanut in the clean laundry basket.

THREE - Paige has had this little sign on her door since she could write. LOVE the rock hands on the bottom!!! \,,/ \,,/

FOUR - Poor Daddy has no hair so Paige decided to make him a wig :-)

FIVE - My boys embrace their inner nerd! Wow. Just WOW.

SIX - Josh gets Happy Birthday sang to him right in the middle of dinner. If he could have burst into flames he would have!!! At least they brought dessert. Free dessert.

SEVEN - Lion Mommy!

EIGHT - Me and T back in the day!! Prom snapshot for a keychain. TOTALLY liked it better than the actual prom portraits ;-)

NINE - I changed my mind! This is the cutest picture ever.

TEN - Cutest pj-and-tutu-wearin' fairy girl in the world!!! Funny how a great outfit can make your day...


TWELVE - Late. Night. Crop. 'Nuff said.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Mary OUT!

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