Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today is my baby boy's birthday! He's 13 today.

(Impromptu photo shoot at the farm...Who wouldn't take a pic up against a bright red wall???)

What can I say about Joshy??? He's my purple baby. My gentleman. My grumpy man. He does everything his way. Quietly.

He's the "good" one. The one who doesn't make waves. He always does what's needed.

When he was 2 he started talking about his baby sister. She wasn't born until he was 6.

Simple things make his day. Hand-me-down jeans from his brother. A special treat from the grocery store. A song sung together in the car.

He's a TOTAL 80's kid born in 1999. Loves Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and neon clothes.

He's the "easy" one. The one that normally would get over-looked. Especially when living in a family with a boisterous little sister and a challenging older brother.

(Photo taken Sunday.)

Today is HIS day. Today is about him.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for my Joshy!!! Every day is a blessing :-)

<3 that kid.


  1. so sweet! he sounds like a super guy:). and like you have a very special place for him in your heart:)!

    Happy Birthday Josh!!


  2. Awe I love this post Mary, I got all emotional! This sounds like a Smash page to me. Of course everything sounds like that to me these days. :) But that would be an awesome one. Loves!