Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For The Boys!

I have to say my boys are super competitive. And when I say competitive, I mean every little thing is an all out WAR!!!


Each year as we are just finishing decorating our Christmas tree, it starts. THE competition to see who hangs the LAST ornament! Each of them "pocket" a few and keep an eye on the other to see when brother's hands are finally empty.

Here's a shot of the action from ground zero.

So, in honor of my macho men, I thought I create a little tag to wrap up their Christmas Cookies with.

You can find this image at Saturated Canary's Digi shop!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. my boys have been in the constant state of taking each others toys....I hope you have a lovely holiday mary

  2. Oh, goodness---it must be a brother thing, lol! Merry Christmas to you, Tabitha :-) Hugs!!!