Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Snowy Owl} --- A Primitive Ornament

Hello there!! Whooooooo wants a tutorial??? Ok, cheesy---I know. I just can't help it!

So, I have to confess...I think birds are kinda creepy. Have you SEEN one UP CLOSE??? *shivers*

In spite of my aversion to our feathery foe, I have to say I do like owls :-) It's a funny story. It all happened this last year...

"My children's school was infested by a family of Burrowing (I think!) Owls. They are super cute, fuzzy, tiny and MEAN!!! They don't care how big you are---they'll eat you. One bite at a time. This family of owls terrorized the school yard all year. They would dive-bomb the teachers, hiss at the children and generally cause mayhem all around them. The school tried to have them humanely removed, but nobody would come and get them. So the chaos continued...
Over the summer, I would catch little glimpses of these birds as I would drive by the school. On a light, on the fence, in the road... YES! In. The. Road. As I was driving by one day, I saw one on the side of the road. I slowed down and thought about stopping to help, but when it saw me, it went into full on battle mode. Wings spread, teeth bared (or maybe that part was my imagination!)---ready to eat the car!!! I sat there laughing my butt off. He wasn't scared at all! He was just out on a little walkabout.
Apparently, his family had moved into the small, grassy yard next to the Kindergarten building. This is prime real estate! Fenced in and grassy with plenty of shade trees. Every day, as I would drive by, I would see them. There were three babies and two larger owls. I even named the babies---hee-hee! Jack, Evil Eyes and Mothra. Don't ask!!!
All summer long, I would obsessively look for these owls. I loved my daily glimpses of them! Then one day, just as school was about to start, the lawn care men came and cleaned house.
The owls were gone."

Here's a picture I snapped during parent/teacher conference week. I had to hide under a tree to get that close!!! SOOOO scary! All 6-8 inches of him.

My newfound love of owls led me to buy several owl figurines...AND create this FAB primitive owl ornie tutorial! Check it out!!!

One final note, my son came home from school the other day with a report of an owl siting at his school. They're BAAAAAACCCCCK! Yay!!!

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