Hello all!!! My name is Mary and I DIG creating all sorts of things!

I have been married for 15 years to my wonderful hubby Tony --- better known as "Power Lloyd", but he also answers to "Superman" (As named by our one-and-only "baby girl"!).  We still attend the same church we were married in and have 3 "Beasties" that keep us very busy.

This is our oldest Anthony. He's so funny and will do anything for a laugh!

This is my baby boy, Josh. He's a definate foodie. He loves food and it loves him, too!

This is our baby girl, Paige. She's an artsy girl, like me! I don't think there's a thing she hasn't colored on. Her walls are full of her FABULOUS creativity!

As I said, my kiddos keep me very busy, but when I do happen to find some free time, I'm always tinkering with something crafty. It started with scrapbooks, and has transformed into anything I can get my hands on!!! You name it---soldering, all manner of papercrafts, sewing, paper clay sculpting...

Oh, and in my opinion, EVERYTHING looks better with a little ink on it...