Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ribbon Scraps Hop With May Arts!


Welcome to my stop here on May Arts' hop sharing ideas to use up some of those ribbon scraps you (meaning ME!) hate to throw away :-)

For a full list of hoppers, hop on over to the May Arts blog HERE---and don't forget to leave comments along the way.  We have 3 grab bags of new release ribbony goodness up for grabs!

Now, on with the project...

One of my all time favorite ways to use my scraps is creating rag bracelets.  It's quick, and a great way to put to use those scraps!

For this bracelet, I've used scraps of the 1.25" silk ribbon in white3/8" lace ribbon in ivory1" lace ribbon in white, and the 3/8" velvet woven ribbon in antique gold.  OH!  And I've thrown in a length of the 3 mm diamond chain for a little extra sparkle :-) 

I always have quite the stash of silk scraps floating around because who's throwing away silk??!

Since my scraps were on the smallish side (as scraps tend to be), I just used my sewing machine to stitch the smaller pieces into a length long enough to wrap around my wrist two times...

...and used a needle and thread to sew the chain to the end of the ribbon.  Velvet loops serve to hide the ends of the chain as well as providing me a place to attach my closure when the bracelet is complete.

Finally, I just machine stitched and hand stitched on the rest of my scraps, along with an assortment of vintage buttons, onto the original length of ribbon.  What you're left with is a shabby mix of silk, lace and buttons that I'm a fan of!

Here's a closer peek.  I just love the roughed up silk and the grunginess of the vintage findings together!  

Ok, guys, that's it for me.  I hope you've found a little inspiration here today.  Now go grab those scraps and get crafty!!



  1. Mary! What a beautiful bracelet you just whipped out for the hop! It's amazing! Just like your creative talent! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. What a neat idea! Such a pretty bracelet!

  3. Lovely project! I am impressed by your use of the scraps to make this!

  4. LOVE your STYLISH bracelet Mary!!!
    WOW - what an ELEGANT way to use scraps and your diamond chain works PERFECTLY for SPARKLE and it makes it SO PRACTICAL too - LOVE IT ALL!!!

  5. oh my garsh! I came here to take another look at your inspiration photo and look what i found... LOVE!!!!

    1. Well... apparently I was at the wrong but I love this bracelet nonetheless and plan on coming back...