Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello!!  I hope you've had a lazy, Saturday morning :-) 
Personally, I'm snuggled in bed with my big blanket, window open listening to the rain outside.  It's lovely!!  We get so few of those here in the AZ, that I plan to take full advantage of every last drop.
Actually, this time of year in AZ is usually perfect, although a few weeks ago, it was downright chilly!  I've come to realize that when I say I'm a winter girl, what this actually means is that I like the weather to hover somewhere around the 70 degree mark.  Nice and cool---just enough to make it bearable to wear my long-sleeved shirts and cute little jackets.  So, when the weather dips down into the 30 degree mark or below?  BRRRRR!!! 
Props to those who live in the powdery cold!!  And Snuggies.  And extra sock---LOTS of extra socks!!

Buuut, I digress.  This latest cold snap got me thinkin' about some of my very own wintery photos, and after diggin' through the vault, I came up with Tahoe.
This particular trip was so very hard!  It was long and filled with scary stuff.  Stuff that I would rather bury, to be honest.  It left me feeling cold---and not just in the wintery sense of the word!  Which is kinda why I thought I should scrap 'em.  Scrap Therapy those big bad's away so that I can appreciate the beauty of the actual snapshots themselves...
Enter the shadow box.  This is the first phase of my plan to mold these photos into something that makes me smile :-)  It's totally nestled into the back of a nice thick book!  I'm seriously lovin' this little altered book so far.
This photo is probably my fave from that trip :-)  Notice my oldest son standing on the base of the bear's platform.  Yeah---totally about to climb it.  And then there's the look on my youngest son's face.  Apparently, this is the face you make when you've been eaten by the bear you're mom posed you in front of for a quick snapshot.  And finally, my baby girl is so bundled, that her arms are sticking straight out to the sides! 

Yep.  Phase one is complete and a total success :-)  If you wanna cut and paint up a book of your very own, check out the tutorial I've created for Gauche Alchemy HERE.
Catch ya on the flip side!

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