Monday, November 19, 2012

Resistance Is Futile.

Hi, Everyone!
Today, over on the Gauche Alchemy blog, I've posted a quick and easy resist technique :-)  It works great on a small scale or a big 'ol giant one, too!!

I think this particular one almost looks like an animal print.  WILD, man!!  Now, hop on over and check it out!
Resistance is futile :-)


  1. how did you make the original piece? it looks like some grungy type paper with crackle on top...very cool.

    1. It's just a bit of tissue paper glued down onto salvaged book covers. Just Mod Podge and sewing tissue paper! I crunched it up as I put it down and added a bit of spray color (Lindys Gossamer Gold) and paint (black, white and silver) to give it some interest :-) Thanks for the question!!