Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi, Everyone!!! I'm super excited!!! Tomorrow is the first day of an online soldering workshop I've signed up for taught by Sally Jean! CAN-NOT WAIT!!!

In honor of said workshop, I've decided to share a wee little bracelet I've created as a little gifty for a special someone...

This rustic charm features pretty lace, vintage music sheets and a few sparkly rhinestones from a broken bracelet. I just love finding damaged jewelery to repurpose!

On the back (yes, it's reversible!), the word "BLISS". I always like to keep my bliss close at hand, that way I can always find it :-) ***Wink, Wink!***

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Gorgeous Miss Murray! Speaking of missing murray, I miss you murray. Xoxo. You are so talented my dear friend. Love the bracelet. And the bliss funny you made. ~so very Mary.
    Hugs! Holly

  2. Thank You, Daaaahling!!! Miss you, too :-)