Saturday, February 12, 2011

To The Gala And Home Again...

Hello, All!

I want to share with you a soldered piece I created to gift a fellow MAMA artisan with.

This is one of the perks of being a Valentine Gala Attendee...getting to know amazing people, LITERALLY laughing until you cry, and FABULOUS gifts!

This chain is another of my beloved rosary-style chains...Yes, I'm terribly addicted!!! You will most likely see more in the near future :)

This charm spins on the end of the chain so that you can equally admire both sides as you wear it.

The back is a base of vintage French book pages covered in a creamy lace. The rhinestones are from a broken vintage necklace I rescued and gave new life.

I just love this necklace and I hope Martica does, as well. Drop by her blog and check out some of her lovely projects!!! Amazing work!

Thanks so much for dropping by.



  1. Hi Mary, Your necklace is just beautiful. I am so glad that you came to the Gala, we had so much fun today and it was wonderful to get to know you better. You are a blast. Thank you for making a beautiful prize. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day. Hugs, Terri

  2. Miss Mary.....what fun we had!!! I am so happy you were able to join in. It's a wonderful way for everyone to really get to know each other a little more........see the humor....laugh while typing. Trying to follow all the little chats withing the chat. So fun. I am delighted you won my prize and boy, did you WORK for it...and this piece you made for your prize offering is spectacular. Thank you for being such a lovely part of our group.

    xox Rella