Sunday, June 30, 2013

Whooooo Loves Summer???

Hiya, Folks!!
How goes your summer??
All's smoooooth sailing around these parts.
Well, mostly.
My baby girl is a big lover of school, and she's missing it terribly!  She misses the work.  She misses the structure.  She misses her friends.
Sooooo, to help bust up some of that boredom, I whipped her up a little distraction... 
This cute little dolly/dollhouse combo is the perfect cure for a bit of my girl's summertime blues! 

I love this cute little kraft monogram tag!!

How cool are the ABC's on the roofline??  Maybe a little subliminal ABC action is just what the doctor ordered.

Her sweet new friend is the perfect size to peek out at her from inside her new house.
And finally, here's a shot of the dolly herself :-)  I've used Sushi Owl Mug from the Sushi Dolls digi shop and my Ragdoll tutorial to whip her up in a jiffy!
Here's hopin' this little distraction does it's job and gives my girl a smile.
If you want to hear me talk a bit more about the construction of the house and get a sneaky peek Paige's reaction to her sweet new friend, you can check it out HERE.
Okee-doke, that's it for me!  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll see ya next time!!

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  1. Your Project is adorable!!!!!!!!!
    I want to welcome you to the team :)