Thursday, June 20, 2013

Message In A Bottle.


The summer sun has me dreaming of cooler locales.

Sandy feet, sweater sharks, blue water...

Beachy Times.

Here's a little 'canvas therapy' I created to help keep me grounded until my next tropical getaway...

This canvas is a mix of all of my favorite things---starting with a picture of the three best things I ever made :-)

In addition to being a fabulous way to display a really sweet photo of my kiddos, I wanted this canvas to reflect all the things I loved about the beach as a child.

The soft pink of a shell.  A perfect shell, without a crack on it!  One that you found yourself.

The emerald hue of warm, east coast ocean water.  Water that you loved playing in!  Until you saw Jaws for the first time, anyway...

Even the gross feel of seaweed as it brushed your leg underwater!

Yep, that was summer for me.

To help my photo feel more like part of a whole and not just an element, I covered the edges with some of my fave DIY texture paste.

A little AMAZING Mold Putty to create molds of shells my kiddos 'found' for me over the years and a bit of hot glue, and I had all the shell-tastic texture I could ever need!


Hot glue.

It's an amazing medium for molds!!  And here's my favorite part...

No.  Drying.  Time.

Seriously, dude!!  That's gold, right there.

 A little Helmar LOVE to hold everything together and some Lindy's in lieu of paint to color it up and she was finished.

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek, today.  If you're diggin' the seaweed bouquet on my canvas, hop on over to the Gauche Alchemy blog and see how she was made.  I bet you'll never guess how I did it ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll catch ya next time!!


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