Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Alice & Friends} --- A Ragdoll Tutorial

Hello, Everyone! Today, I have an "InSpiReD" tutorial for you!!!

The idea came to me while I was trying to figure out what to do for Saturated Canary's Challenge #5. This challenge is AnyThinG GoeS!!! Just create what inspires you. What inspires me right now??? Well, Christmas presents, of course!!! To be specific, my baby girl's Christmas presents :-)

I've always had the best time shopping for her. I have 3 children, and when she came along after 2 boys, I was SOOOOOO ready to buy girly things...and DO girly things...and HAVE girly things around...

Every year, in addition to the plethora of things I buy for my girl, I love spending some time creating a handmade gift for her. This year, when I was coloring up some of our FAVORITE images from Saturated Canary's Digi Shop, Paige practically swooned with excitement!!! She just loves Alice and her Wonderland Friends! I knew right then what I had to do :-)

I started my adventure down the rabbit hole... to make her some friends to keep with have tea parties share her own adventures with...friends that are a little more sturdy than the paper images we love to color together.


Color up some of your favorite images. I got mine from Saturated Canary's Digi Shop (link is above.)

Scan your images into your computer and print them onto some Inkjet Fabric Sheets. I usually like to adjust the hue saturation in my photo editing software, to keep the image nice and bright, as these images tend to print a bit washed out.

Trim around your image, leaving a nice big boarder. Then use your cut out image as a template to cut two more copies out of a sturdy fabric. I've used a pair of old jeans that my boys have outgrown, but are a bit too "well-loved" to donate to my local thrift store.

Stack your fabric pieces...

...and pin them together.

Sew around the edge of your dolly, leaving an inch or two open for stuffing. I've used a zigzag stitch.

I've gotten right up to the edge of my fabric!

Stuff with Poly-fil to the firmness you like.

Remember, stuff in little bits! You'll end up with a smoother look and a softer dolly :-) You can use a chopstick to reach those tight corners if your fingers won't do the trick!

Sew the opening closed. I've gone around my dolly with a total of three rounds of stitching. I like the look of a messy edge and the added strenght this provides.

Now, trim up any loose threads or excess fabric.

I've used my finger to fray my edges---again, I love the messy, well-loved look!!!

And now, you have some new friends, ready for an impromptu tea party!!! ENJOY!

These dollies make me smile, so I've decided to add to Paige's collection! Stay tuned for the Queen Of Hearts and The Mad Hattress!!!


  1. I love these...can I come to tea?!!

  2. Mary these are very cute!! I'm sure she will love them. Okay, curious--WHO operated the camera when both your hands were in the picture?!

  3. These are so fun!!! I want one:)... Way to go mommy... What a lovely gift for your baby girl!! <3

  4. Lol, Jann! Autotimer and a tripod ;-). Tricky, tricky!!!