Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hello, Everyone!!  Today, I have a fun project to share---aaaand it all started with a challenge...A self-imposed challenge.

Yep---I TOTALLY threw down the gauntlet!! 
The Challenge:  Create something fabulous using the paper currently taking up residence in your scrap bin.
Ok, I won't let you think that I've got a mountain of paper scraps taking over my scrappy spot.  Honestly, I'm pretty good about only buying what I can and will use in a reasonable amount of time.  But, I do have a hard time throwing away good junk!!
So, in the interest of assuaging my inner thrift monster, I set out with scraps in hand to create one rockin' project that would use up those bits of leftover scrappy gold :-)
Here's what I came up with...
Since I rarely have enough time in the day to scrap all of my favorite photos, this fun little 4 by 6 inch, camera-shaped mini album is the PERFECT way to display photos from this year.  It's my answer to a full-fledged 'scrap-your-whole-year’ album.  Just print ‘em off and stick ‘em in!
Here's a few tips to help you pull those misfit papers together and make the wide range of colors and patterns you're bound to find in your scrap bin work for you... 
Tip #1 -- Use a color wash!!
A simple wash of color gives you a fresh start and will go far in making contrasting colors play nicely together.  Whether you use watered down paint or your favorite spray, you'll be amazed at how different printed papers react to your wash of choice. 
I've used a few of Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Fabios (my fave!) in Danny Zuko's Denim and Caribbean Blue.

Tip #2 -- Add LOTS of texture!
Stencil, stitch, splat, stamp, doodle, embellish---YOU NAME IT!!  The more layers of love you pile onto your 'new' paper, the more it's gonna look like the crazy mix of pattern you've achieved was on purpose. 
I've used my sewing machine, a bit of doodling, dripped and splatted paint, the Lindy's Stamp Gang stamps Kidz Kapz Gang, some chippies from UmWowStudio, and Gauche Alchemy punchinella to stencil and embellish as well as bits and pieces of a few of their infamous mixed media color kits.
Now, that's how you texture, my friend.  

If you wanna see this project come together, check out my process video HERE.
Ok, Friends, that is THAT!!  Are you down??  How about a little kick in the pants to get you going ;-) 
...and stop by Gauche Alchemy to check out the festivities as the Alchemists join forces with  UmWowStudio for the week to inspire and give stuff away!!  Ya just can't beat that with a stick!
If you're a fan of Lindy's Stamp Gang like me, throw your hat in the ring for the current DT call they are running the rest of this month.  Find the deets HERE.
See ya THERE!!


  1. This is awesome! you are so unique and creative.. Love iT!

  2. How cool! Great way to use up those scraps....and thanks for the texture advice!

  3. Mary it's awesome! I gotta clear a little block of time to watch the tut!

  4. Amazing! Love the lens scatter!!

  5. holy CRAP. this is fantastic, and i think i'm in love. i want to make a thousand of them with my scraps. DROOLING.

  6. Dang this is amazing! Totally dig everything about this!!