Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wreath

Hi, Everyone! I've been creating my fingers to the bone the last couple weeks...

Even though I'm tired (late night and last minute crafty-ness) and my fingers are sore (hot glue gun...ouch!), I have to say that I feel very productive and am now surrounded by such pretty decorations :)

I have many more projects I'd love to finish, but what good is creating all this pretty-ness, without documenting it (am I the only one who likes to look back at my projects from days gone by?) and sharing with my CraFtY FriEnDs???

So, a quick break to share what's been goin' on in my studio...and my kitchen...and my living kinda migrated, lol!

My "Baby" girl and I worked together to create this BEAUTIFUL Christmas Wreath. The base is a couple wreath's I picked up from my local dollar store. I've cut strips of white burlap, unbleached cotton (stamped with music), some netting (tea dyed) and a bit of torn, light blue tulle...

A massive bow...Although I think it could've been even BIGGER ;) ...

And vintage rhinestones to add some **sparkle**.

Thanks so much for dropping by. I've got several more projects I want to share, so see ya soon!!!


1 comment:

  1. This is so very pretty!

    I wanted to stop by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Happy Holidays