Monday, December 27, 2010

The Case Of The Great Cover-Up...

...or was it "A Great Cover-Up For My Case"?!?!

Let me start at the beginning :) I've been LoViN' my sewing machine lately---I mean, LUH-VIN!!! I think I've stitched every single project I've done for months now. So, I thought I'd share a few of my fave's.

Here's a little peek into the disorganization of my beautiful, "new-to-me" cabinet that my mom refinished for me...

...I promise, there is a point to this little segue :)

It has beaufiful, dark wood but not too much coverage for my mess. I still haven't decided what kind of doors I plan to add, if any. So, in the meantime, I decided it needed a pretty little slipcover...with RuFFleS!!!

I can't get enough of this unbleached, cotton fabric! And this was my first cutom sewing project. I'm so proud!!! ***Please excuse the wrinkles-they're much less noticable in person, lol!***

And here's a cutie I stitched up for my little princess. This plush little friend is actually a back-pack purse :)

What's better than a fluffy friend???

One that holds all your treasures for you!!!

The pattern for this "Buddy Pack" can be found at "Winterpeach" on Etsy.

Thanks so much for droppin' by!!!


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  1. Oh for goodness sake!! That doggie backpack is so darling! I love the photos you took, especially the one where he is bent over..too cute! The fabric for the body is really pretty.

    xox Rella