Thursday, October 7, 2010

Masquerade Mask

Hi, Everyone!!! Have you ever played dress up as a little girl?

I remember having such fun wearing my mother's shoes, sporting ALL of her jewelery and having the best tea party with my favorite dollies. Who says, as grown-ups we have to stop??? Here's a peek at another one of my favorite swaps...

I created this mask for a fellow artisan in my Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. Sonia (Check out her AMAZING blog HERE!) requested a mask in pale tones of pink, sage, aqua or ecru. I just have to say, I CANNOT resist a pink and green color combination! So, sage and pale pink it is---with a bit of ecru and pearl added in for measure.

I just love these mini plumes in ecru! Along with the green and brown feathers, they add a bit of queenly flair to the mask.

These vintage glass beads came from a beautiful necklace that was broken. I restrung just enough of these pretty, pink gems to create a bracelet---so I had a few to spare. They add a lovely, irridescent sparkle to the fleurs.

Here's the gorgeous mask she created for me...

I had such fun with this swap!!! Now I'm off to wear my mask while I mop my floors ;)

Until next time!

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  1. I want a picutre of you mopping in your mask. :-) They are both so pretty. I love that butterfly.