Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Batty For You!

Hello, fellow Bloglandians!!

Are you feelin' The SpOOk, yet? Got a serious case of Candy-itis?!? Have you covered every square inch of your yard with Ghoul-ish Delights??!!!?

No? Me, either :-)  Buuut, I have glittered the HECK outta every project that's passed my desk the last few weeks. Seriously.

That being said, feast your eyes on one such project below...

This WAY cute card and treat box combo is so spooktastically sparkly, that I just had to share!

I mean, who doesn't like glitter??!! Except, maybe, the men in our lives that have to go to work and endure names like Mr. Sparkles for the last few months of each year. Ahhh, well. Them's the breaks, when your significant other is a crafty-lover-of-all things-shiny :-)

This cute little bat digi is can be found at The Alley Way Stamps. It's a stone cold FREEBIE, and I'm totally lovin' it!  And, they're also running a fun photo-inspiration challenge over on their blog.  Cha-cha-check it out!!  I'm sooooo gonna link up :-)

Yep.  Momma bat is totally rockin' the Action Wobble :-)  I'm a bit addicted lately, I think.  Is there an  Action Wobbles Anonymous group I can join?  Bueller?  Beuller? No??  ***sigh***

If I've inspired you to whip up some fun-sized SpOOkY TrEAtS for your loved ones, hop on over and check out my mini treat box tut.  You know what's better than a teeny-tiny-one-bite-chocolate bar???  One wrapped in a glitter-tastic treat box!!

OH! And finally, congrats to Diana for winning my $8 voucher to the Saturated Canary shop from the Action Wobbles hop :-) Also, if you're SusieScrapper, you've just won my SECRET giveaway! Thanks so much for your comment :-) Shoot me an email at to claim your prize!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!



  1. Your bats are fantastic! I'm off to check out your mini box tut now! Thanks so much for the sc images! They have already gone to great use!

  2. The battys are so cute! And the background likes me.
    Greetings Claudia

  3. I am ALWAYS finding glitter in my eyebrows, but I think my hubby might be a little upset if they ever found glitter on them - they stay FAR away from my craft corner! I love your background for those fun bats! So glad to see you at The Alley Way Stamps BE Inspired Challenge.

  4. This is so fun and so adorable.. I love glitter too :) Thanks for playing with us at The Alley Way Stamps BE Inspired Challenge