Sunday, March 25, 2012

Self Portrait Saturday - Pet LOVE!!

Hiya Peeps!!

I've been organizing some photos lately, and I realize I've spent an abundance of time behind the camera...

I've caught some lovely family memories. Events. Moments to remember.

But, where am I?

Many times, you'll find a token photo of me taken by another attendee, or a forced photo from my Hubbs.

Ya see, I LOVE taking pictures. LOVE scrappin' them. But posing? Not so much.

I recently saw a fun weekly challenge over on Wonder Forest that calls you to get in front of the camera.

Wow, ya mean I'd be present in my children's scrapbooks?

Actual photos of Mom. Happy. Day-to-day. Pretty and not-so-pretty moments---but real...

And there.

So, here's my first entry of many in this weekly challenge. JOIN ME!!! Ya know ya wanna.

This week's theme is "with a pet".

This is R.J. (aka Rotten!). She's mean, and will lit-er-al-ly punch you with her cat fists!! She hates everyone---except me. Ya gotta love someone who loves you, especially when they hate everyone else!

Now go find your inner shutterbug!


1 comment:

  1. Great pic! This challenge would scare me...and well...everyone else too! I am rarely even close to photo ready...and there is no way that I am really as fat as my photo's make me look! lol